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I was in need of some tiling and I couldn't do it since I had never done it. Not ashamed to admit it, handyman work has never been my forte. I called up Sutton Handyman Companies and had them do it for me, very proud of the results and happy with the price too.

  • Frances B.

Every house needs maintenance and mine is not an exception. However, I had typical household problems to solve that I had postponed for maybe a year. That's why I needed expert handyman services and I found the perfect local crew - Sutton Handyman Service. It is so nice to know that you can trust just one man to deal with all the dozens of different small and not-so-small issues in your house! My house is in much better shape now.

  • Catherine Vance

Having someone to help my mother with odd jobs at her place was absolutely brilliant, as I was unable to travel and fix her problems for her. I found Home Repairs Sutton online and booked them right away. My mother was very pleased with the service and was very happy with how friendly everyone was. This is a great service if you just need a few repairs done and don't want to spend a fortune!

  • Jonny M.

Professional handymen at a low price are available with Sutton Handyman. I always rely on their expertise when there is a repair job I cannot quite deal with, or when I cannot figure out what is wrong in the first place.

  • S. Richards

If you want an easy and quick way to build up all your flat packs, then you should call Sutton Handyman like I did. I had their handymen take care of things for me and was treated to an expert result. They properly built everything and took next to no time to do it. If you want a quick and convenient way to assemble your furniture, all them like I did.

  • Neil Gordon

I had some handyman jobs that needed doing and that I'd been putting off for a long time! I enlisted the help of Home Repairs Sutton and I'm incredibly pleased I did! They provided cost-effective services to help resolve all of my bodged up DIY attempts and I now have an extremely happy wife! Thank you very much.

  • K. Foster

With Sutton Local Handyman I got more than I ever could have expected. Their express handyman sorted out all the little problems I had in my house. If I knew that all it would take to sort everything out would be one afternoon, I would have called their team a lot earlier.

  • Leroy Jones

If you need an electrician in a hurry like I did a couple of weeks ago you should do what I did and call Local Handyman Sutton. They took my call within a few rings even late on Saturday night and within an hour my blown fuse was fixed! I really can't fault their professional handymen.

  • Terry H.